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Steve And Jenna Welcomed Their First Baby Boy

Congratulations to Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee! A Newborn baby boy was born on March 6 to this wonderful couple. Callum Michael Rebel Kazee is the name given to him.

This Wonderful announcement was posted on Instagram by Jenna and her fiancé Steve, along with some adorable images of their newborn baby. For those who are unaware, this is Steve and Jenna’s first child. Congratulatory notes from close friends and family have been flooding in for these newly blessed parents ever since they announced the birth of their little baby.

Reason Behind Callum’s Name

According to Kazee’s story, the name Callum means “dove” in Gaelic. He added that since landing in their arms, their son “has been very calm and serene.” Michael has a clearer justification for it: It is the middle name of Kazee. The explanation why Rebel, though, could surprise you. It’s not just a name to encourage their son to be courageous; rather, it’s a tribute to Kazee’s mother.”He desired to pay tribute to his mother. Her name was Reba, but his father referred to her as Rebel from a very young age, the actor said.

The Second Child Experience Of Jenna Dewan

The 39-year-old performer is expecting her first child with her fiancé Steve Kazee. Jenna disclosed to People that Callum was delivered by cesarean section on March 6 in Los Angeles, while “The Devi Chant,” a 20-minute Sanskrit prayer encouraging calm and meditation, was playing in the background. The song is incredibly calming, Jenna told the magazine. “I feel at ease every time. I added that to our playlist and asked Steve to play it whenever I began to act nervous or experienced difficult circumstances. The music he was actually born to.

Everly, Jenna’s 6-year-old daughter from a previous relationship with Channing Tatum, remarked that this time around, she felt incredibly prepared and present for the delivery of Callum: She stated, “She had heard from a lot of people that something changes with the second child and that there is a little bit more peace and calm in understanding what is happening. Knowing what’s to come makes it possible for you to enjoy everything more fully in the present, and this is absolutely true.”

Steve’s Reactions After Seeing Callum For The First Time 

When Steve became a father for the first time, Jenna described what it was like for him. “It was amazing to see the wonder in his eyes,” she remarked. And it was his first encounter with our son. He cried the whole time he severed the umbilical cord. One of the most amazing things she has ever seen was watching him become a father. It was lovely. The bonding experience of giving birth completely transforms you.

How Many Children Does Jenna Have? 

Jenna is the mother of two kids: a son named Callum who she has with Steve and a daughter named Everly who she shares with her ex-husband Channing Tatum. Callum was born on March 6, 2020. Online, Jenna announced the information, writing: “And with that, our hearts exploded throughout all of eternity and beyond. 

Everly Elizabeth Maiselle Tatum was born in 2013 and is now eight years old. Channing Tatum, an actor, is her father. When Jenna and Channing separated in April 2018, they said they will “always be loving, caring parents to Everly” and that they “are still a family.”

Social Media Welcomed Callum 

On her social media accounts, Jenna Dewan shared a wonderfully adorable video of Steve Kazee and their little son Callum.The description for the video showing Steve hugging and cuddling Callum read, “All the kisses.” In addition, Steve shared a cute photo of Callum with the remark, “Hello my son…welcome to earth.” on Instagram


Jenna And Steve Star In The Rookie Together

Jenna and Steve, a real-life couple, have appeared together on television in the crime drama The Rookie. Dramatically, the episode revealed that Bailey’s on-screen spouse, Steve, is an estranged one. In the episode named “Breakdown” in December, Steve made his television debut.

On Live with Kelly and Ryan, Jenna shared her experiences working with Steve. Praising it for being “interesting” She uttered: They had never previously collaborated, so it was clearly really intense. Because you essentially get to do that and then say to your family, “Oh, I got to yell at you all day,” it was such a fantastic experience. I’ve gotten that off my chest. “


How old is Callum?

2 Years.

How many children does Jenna and Steve have together?


How many children does Jenna have in all?


What is the name of Jenna’s new born baby?

Callum Michael rebel Kazee.

What is the name of Callum’s sister?

Everly Elizabeth Maiselle Tatum.

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